Terms and Conditions

  1. You agree to these terms and conditions when proceeding with using the services provided on this website.
  2. All of the services are real and there isn’t any type of SCAM, VIRUS or MALWARE that could  make a problem to you or the device you use.
  3. We are currently accepting VISA and Mastercard as payments. Our services can be found directly on our website or through our contact information provided on this website only. We are not responsible if you get cheated or scammed for transactions that happened outside the above stated situations.
  4. Around 10% of the followers that you get through promotion might unfollow you for any reason (they are real followers and it is up to them whether they want or not want to be part of your profile).
  5. The method this service use is strictly third party related – we do not correlate on any way with it.
  6. With each purchase you make, we deliver an invoice to the email you provided on purchase.


  1. The services we provide are getting processed within the first 24-48 hours. Anything that will take longer than that our system automatically refund the money back to it’s source.
  2. Once the order is processed, the delivery time depends of the purchased amount but it should be no more than 72 hours after the order is processed.
  3. All of our services are coming with a limit. We have the right to refund any order once the limit of that account is reached with an explanation that we send on the user’s email that is provided during the purchasing process.
  4. There will be NO REFUND for any unfounded attempt of making a dispute against any order purchased. We suggest that you ALWAYS contact us (E-mail, live chat, phone support) in first place if any problem occur or you are not satisfied from our service(s). We would be more than glad to settle this down together.


  1. All of the purchases made through our website are SSL Protected. The information you provide here are strongly protected against any attempts from outside.
  2. We DO NOT save any of your private credit card information you provide (nor we are allowed to do so), except the info that you provide to us which is necessary for completing the order for you (details about your online profile(s)).
  3. If someone made a purchase through your credit card without permission, please report that to us on time, so we can check how to resolve it together with the bank we work with.


It is your right to check the terms and conditions every now and then to stay updated with the newest information we provide here.

Last updated: 25-10-2017