What hashtags to use on Instagram for gaining more followers

With the rise on new trends, some social media sites take over the popularity of the other. Same happened in case if Instagram, which has, gradually taken over the game of social networking. Being one of the most popular social media application, and with a million users, it has made its way to the top. This new top social media app is all about hashtags; the more hashtags you use, the more followers you get, so here is your guide to increase your followers on Instagram. New and old Instagram followers, alike, are on a constant quest to get more and more followers. Whether it a personal account, advertising or business, who doesn’t like having many followers? Of the many ways to get followers, using hashtags is one useful way which we shall be discussing in the article. There are actual tricks to use hashtags in order to get more likes and if you are unaware of them, make sure to give this a read!

Why do you need hashtags?

What hashtags do is that they make your Instagram content more visible so it is easily seen by your followers and non-followers. Users can easily discover the content they are looking for by searching for a hashtag or tapping through related posts. When you use these hashtags in your post, they automatically raise your visibility because your content will be available when someone searches a hashtag that you have used. This helps to make your posts more discoverable hence making sure you attract more followers.

Which hashtags are best to gain more followers on Instagram?

Hashtags are a crucial part of the Instagram game because they gear you up for getting more followers. Here are some hashtags can help you get more followers on Instagram so make sure to use them!
  1. #follow: 306 million+ posts
  2. #like4like: 296 million+ posts
  3. #tagsforlikes: 209 million+ posts
  4. #instalike: 207+ million posts
  5. #likeforlike: 193 million+ posts
  6. #follow4follow: 178 million+ posts
  7. #followforfollow: 133 million+ posts
  8. #l4l: 123 million+ posts
  9. #f4f: 121 million+ posts
  10. #followback: 76 million+ posts
  11. #instafollow: 75 million+ posts
  12. #likeforfollow: 42 million+ posts
  13. #likeforlikes: 41 million+ posts
  14. #20likes: 41 million+ posts
  15. #likeback: 37 million+ posts
  16. #likes4likes: 29 million+ posts
  17. #followher:  29 million+ posts
  18. #followhim: 24 million+ posts
  19. #lfl: 23 million+ posts
  20. #pleasefollow: 23 million+ posts

Tips about Instagram hashtagging

Here are a few useful tips that can help you with the tagging to increase instagram followers in 2020.
  1. Make sure to use relevant hashtags because they can make your content more discoverable.
  2. You do not need to use as much as 30 hashtags in every post.
  3. To find the best hashtags, study your influencers and competitors.
  4. Make use of the trending and popular hashtags but done forget to link them back to your company.
  5. Make sure to check the most engaged hashtags and performance of your posts.